5 x Disposable 3 Ply Child Face Masks

  • Disposable 3 ply child face mask
  • Designed for single use
  • Recommend that you combine with our child face shield
  • Ideal to be used in public environments
  • Idyllic for short to medium trips including walking, going to the shops and public transport

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Our disposable 3 ply child face mask (also know as a respirator) has been designed as a single use disposable mask. The mask is designed to be comfortable, hypoallergenic and fluid resistant. A metal strip at the top of the mask helps with custom fitting the mask to your child’s face for a better fit, and elastic ear loops help secure the mask to their face.

The 3 ply child face mask is ideal to be used in public environments including walking, going to the shops and travelling on public transport. Designed as a single use mask, they are ideal for short to medium trips, being used for a maximum of 4 hours. If you require a mask to wear all day (for example in school) we would recommend that you combine the 3 ply face mask with our child face shield, which comes free with the 5 pack masks. More information about this can be found below.

Why Choose Our 3 Ply Child Face Mask?

Face masks are designed to capture a majority of particles measuring a median of 0.3 µm, and as nanoparticles mainly travel by Brownian motion, they are effectively captured within the face mask filter via electrostatic and mechanical forces. Unfortunately, when it comes to face masks, not all masks are equal, no matter what they look like. It is a very sad, but true fact, that many of the new manufacturers of face masks (set up in China once they returned to work from the Coronavirus pandemic) are not honest, and are shipping below par products using either faked certification, or have produced high quality samples to gain their certification, but are then producing cheaper face masks with a cheap melt blown layer – see below.

The face masks consist primarily of 3 main parts:

• The outer breathable fabric, which can be coloured (usually blue)
• The inner skin facing fabric, which helps to prevent skin irritation
• The melt blown layer, which is the most important and expensive part

The melt blown layer is a process that converts polymer resin into low diameter fibre non-woven web. As a minimum requirement for the mask to be effective, the melt blown layer needs have a 90% micro filter. As the melt blown layer you use increases in price with the higher the percentage, many of the new companies are producing face masks with either a very low percentage of melt blown layer, or none at all.

It is impossible to tell without testing the face mask what the melt blown percentage is. However we have a very strict quality control team in our factories, and you can be assured that our 3 ply adult face mask is the highest quality available.


Our face shield is specially designed for children. Available in 3 different designs (dinosaurs, rainbow and unicorn), it is designed to fit over glasses and face masks to block droplets, viruses and chemical splashes. It is latex free, fibreglass free and distortion free, and has an anti-fog coating to stop it steaming up. With a foam headband for added comfort, it is lightweight and optically clear. It is ideal to be worn to and from school, around the shops and on public transport including aeroplanes if you are travelling abroad. As long as the mask is handled, cleaned and disinfected correctly after every use (we would recommend that you use our 75% alcohol cleaning wipes) it can last for up to seven days before being disposed of.

How To Use

1. Remove the mask from the packaging. Locate the metal strip in the mask – this is to go at the top.

2. Place the loops of the mask around your ears to secure the mask to your child’s face.

3. Holding the top of the mask to the bridge of your child’s nose, pull down the bottom of the mask to expand it and make it cover their face including their chin.

4. For additional custom fitting, use two fingers to mould the metal strip around your child’s nose. This will add extra comfort when wearing the mask.

Using The Mask

When your child is wearing the mask, it is very important that the mask is kept over their nose and mouth at all times. Pulling the mask down under their nose to only cover their mouth makes the mask ineffective and will not help protect them from germs and harmful particles. The mask should be worn as follows:


✅ Clean your hands before touching the mask
✅ Inspect the mask first to make sure it isn’t damaged or dirty
✅ Make sure that the mask is fitted securely and is not loose
✅ Avoid touching the mask or your face when using
✅ Clean your hands before removing the mask
✅ Dispose of the mask safely in a bin once you have finished wearing it


❌ Do not wear a mask that looks dirty, damaged or wet
❌ If the mask has previously be worn, do not use it again
❌ Do not pull the mask down under your nose when wearing it
❌ Do not remove your mask when there are people within 2 metres of you
❌ Do not continue to wear the mask if you are struggling to breathe through it
❌ Do not share your mask with other people


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