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Since December 2019, the team at PPE HQ have been looking at all different types of personal protective equipment (PPE) in the market, and sourcing the highest quality PPE available.

Ben Jennings, Managing Director of PPE HQ, explains, “We started looking at PPE when COVID-19 first broke out in China. My father’s company have their own factories and personnel over in China, so we knew about the effects of Coronavirus well before it reached the UK. At the time, just before the Chinese Government closed the factories, there was an estimated 1,600 companies in China producing face masks. However, now that the Chinese factories have returned to production, there are an estimated 60,000 companies producing face masks, with this figure increasing each day!

“Unfortunately, not all face masks are the same, and with the surge in new companies producing face masks, a lot of what is being produced is junk and offers the user little to no protection.”

Disposable 3 ply face masks are the most common type of mask available. They consist of 3 main parts; the outer layer which stops dust, the inner layer which goes against the face to prevent skin irritation, and the middle melt blown layer, which is the most important element and the most expensive part of the mask. To be effective for general use, the melt blown layer filter efficiency percentage must be above 90%. However, many new producers are trying to produce masks for as cheap as possible, and are cutting corners on the expensive melt blown layer, often either using a very low percentage (usually less than 15%) or none at all! Without this layer, the masks are not effective.

Ben continues, “The way companies have tried to distinguish themselves is to get their face masks tested and CE certified. However this has also caused further issues, as a lot of Chinese companies are either faking documentation which has been made out to a different company, or they are producing a high quality face mask with a high percentage of melt blown for testing to get the certificate, and are then reverting back to using a cheap melt blown layer to save costs. This is causing a major headache, not just for importers, but the government as-well, as without physically testing the mask you do not know how effective it is.

“At PPE HQ, our mission is to only provide the highest quality PPE equipment available. Every factory that our PPE is sourced from is inspected each week by a team working in China to make sure that everything is up to standards. Each factory has been CE approved, and each item of PPE they produced is CE certified where possible. Every batch of face masks that are received in to the UK are also tested by us to make sure that the melt blown layer is above 90%.”

Ben concludes, “A common misconception is that CE certified face masks are for medical use only. The melt blown layer for a medical grade mask is much higher at 99%. The CE certification, from a reputable factory, simply means that the mask has been tested for the melt blown filter efficiency, particle protective performance and respiratory resistance, giving you assurance that the mask will be effective. So, wherever you wish to buy a face mask from, make sure that it is CE certified with a genuine CE certificate!”

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Ben Jennings – Managing Director

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  • Keep our customers safe
  • Source only the highest quality products
  • Make all products affordable for everyone
  • Donate as many products as we can to good causes
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